On photography...

I clung to the perpetual need to make that dream a reality, to give others the same feeling as it was so strong and moving, I knew I had to share it.

     I'm Tammy, a native of the Virginia coast where I grew up near the beach, always wanting to be outdoors.  I claimed northern New Jersey as my  home in 2007 when I relocated with my husband who is a dedicated police officer and proud US military veteran.  Our 3 children are growing way too fast making us want to savor every fleeting moment of life and, like most parents, we are doing our very best to raise them with integrity, high moral values, and a strong sense of family.  

     My first photography "assignment" was taking candid and posed pictures for my 9th grade year book.  I loved being behind the camera but when I was young I didn't realize that photography could be a career as it was just too much fun!  I thought of it as an art form, a hobby.  I went on to intensively study psychology, concentrating on child and adolescent development.  Eager to help others, I began in the field of social work concerned in the tragic and heartbreaking world of children needing protection, foster care, and drug rehabilitation.  It was through these experiences that I developed a refined skill of communicating with and understanding little ones and teens.  I am also comfortable around those with special needs.  After a few years, I took a sharp turn down a path into the corporate world and spent several years in management working in downtown NYC.

     A person's outlook on life can change in an instant and that precise moment happened to me in 2009 during a family summer vacation in Virginia Beach.  A friend of our niece joined us and at the time, she was a college student studying the art of photography.  Naturally, she brought her camera (Gianna now has a business of her own.  Visit Gianna Bertoli to see her work). When I laid eyes upon the beautiful images she had captured of my children, I almost cried.  It was like I entered a new world, a dream world, full of endless possibilities.  I clung to the perpetual need to make that dream a reality, to give others the same feeling as it was so strong and moving, I knew I had to share it so from that moment on, I was hooked and dedicated.  

     Perseverance, determination, and support from my family have helped me reach where I am today as a full-time photographer but I never want to stop learning and refining my craft.  Everything and everyone has a story.  If you think your life is ordinary, boring, or even chaotic and out of control, it's your life and there is beauty everywhere within it.  Take heed to notice the details and allow yourself to be completely in the moment.  My ambition is to document and create artful records of life that can be enjoyed now and that will make wonderful stories for future generations.  


Impromptu cell phone pictures of us doing what we do.  Occasionally, I'll have a special little helper.  :)

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