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Keeping it Real, Baby

Two things I love capturing most during a newborn session are the baby's physical details (don't we all?) and the tender, emotional experience of parents bonding with their new baby and with one another. 


In my humble opinion, capturing this bond in the making, right on camera, is one of (if not the) most important parts of documenting your newborn story.  Curious siblings, protective new dads, emotional new mommas - everyone in the family will have a unique experience, one most certainly worth remembering. 

I like to keep things natural and real and by this I mean baby should be just as s(he) is... just baby.  Clothing and wraps should be simplistic so that all of our attention is focused on what it should be - the precious new life that will grow and change every single day so get it on camera now - baby.  There will be plenty of time for cuteness in miniature designer jeans and oversized baseball caps.  These newborn sessions are designed to capture what being (and having) a newborn is all about.



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