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Sophia Slays Surgery: Severed ACL Proves No Match for This Athlete

To say that I am proud of my 14 year-old daughter is an understatement. As parents, we watch our child's personality grow and change and we learn over time what they are capable of. I know a lot of parents out there have experienced the lump-in-the-throat feeling of "Wow, that's my kid" when they've seen their child pull through a particularly trying time in his/her life. I'm going through that now, each day, watching my daughter cringe through pain yet smile on the other side of it - always and with her permission, I'm sharing the story of her journey starting with the date of her surgery.

But here's some info for those who don't know what happened: Sophia injured her knee on March 31st while playing in a soccer game. The diagnosis: severed ACL and lateral meniscus tear. Treatment: surgery (replace ACL with part of her own hamstring, repair meniscus) - there are screws that go into the femur and tibia to hold the "new ACL" in place. It's pretty serious. Prognosis: one year for full recovery.

The following are images I captured on the date of her surgery which was May 6th and the day after. Since then, she has removed the anesthetic block from her leg (she removed it herself), and has begun physical therapy. I can't wait to tell you about that. This girl is a rockstar.

The Waiting Room - my happy girl.

My favorite surgery prep image.

Wondering just how badly this will hurt.

Deciding that it doesn't matter how badly it will hurt, she will remain positive.

Thank you, Dr. Anesthesiologist for snapping this for us.

Last snap before they kicked me out.

Anyone who has spent time waiting for news of a loved one knows this daunting experience.

45 minutes after surgery

In pain and not happy but actually happy.

Looking at photos of the inside of her knee.

Top: With Grandpa and Mimi who came to visit from Virginia. Bottom: With the awesome surgeon.

Within an hour after surgery, she was up, dressed, and out.

On the move and anxious to get home.

Going home!

Just pulled into the driveway. Little brother was anxiously waiting all day for this moment.

Day after surgery: CPM machine delivered (4 hours per day of therapy) and getting used to life on the couch.

My favorite post surgery image. That smile. :)

Documenting stories is what I love to do and this story is very dear to my heart. Thank you for reading. I hope you'll look for the next post on her recovery journey. The therapist told us today that she's advancing remarkably fast. :)

I'd like to extend a very special thank you to Coach Judah Zeigler @winetaster99 for your support and encouragement, to all of the girls on the soccer team who are playing for Sophia, to our neighbors who have been so supportive in lending us the ice machine and for continuously bringing amazing gifts and goodies, to Sophia's dear friend and baseball superstar Gianni and his awesome mom for coming to visit and bringing spirit-lifting gifts, to the surgeon, nurses and staff at Englewood hospital, and last but not least, to my ever-loving parents for making the trip from Virginia and for giving such love and support these last few weeks. We couldn't get through this without all of you.

If you have a story that you'd love for me to photograph, please contact me to tell me all about it.

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